Upcoming Events

Camporeee Delay: There is a Winter Storm Warning for BDSR through midnight Friday, 4/29. New plan is to meet at HPC on Saturday, 4/30 at 7:00 AM to carpool to Camporee. Or, we may decide on Friday to cancel Camporee altogether. Check your e-mail for the latest information.



April 2016 - Theme: Water Sports (PLC 4/4, Committee 4/11)

4/2-3         Grey Rock Trip           (Darrell Kesterson/Mike Keenan-Harte)

4/2-11        Thompson District Spring Break

4/4            Troop Meeting / PLC / Elections

4/11           Troop Meeting (Boat Maintenance) / Committee

4/18           Troop Meeting (Diving Presentation)

4/25           Troop Meeting (Water Sports)  / Camporee Planning Meeting

4/30-5/1    Spring Camporee at BDSR (Dennis Ross) - NOTE: Weather delay. See above.


May 2016 - Theme: Outdoors/Requirements (PLC 5/2, Committee: 5/16)

5/2             Troop Meeting (Scoutbook Training) / PLC

5/9             Court of Honor and Pot-Luck Dinner 06:30-08:30 PM     (Beverly Upham)

5/16            Troop Meeting / Committee

5/20-22      Gregg Boundary Trail Trip (Details in progress. Need Owner)

5/23            Troop Meeting




Come Join Us!

Boy Scout Troop 191 is a truly Scout-led Troop. We are chartered by Harmony Presbyterian Church of Fort Collins, Colorado. We meet Monday evenings at 7:00 PM at the church, 400 E. Boardwalk Drive (map). Come join us!